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Blockout Curtains are a window covering of choice if you are looking to eliminate the light from your room. There are few key points to consider when purchasing your Blockout Curtains. Firstly there are two ways to manufacture blockout fabrics. By using a foam coating applied to the back of the fabric or by tightly weaving the fabric with a triple weave technology.

Both have there pros and cons. Essentially Blockout Curtains will block the light and prevent heat from radiating through the fabric. As with everything there are differing degrees of how well each Blockout Curtain performs. Each of our Blockout Curtains has a handy little chart that outlines how well it performs. DIY and buy your Blockout Curtains Online and SAVE.

Buy Blockout Curtains / Blackout Curtains Online

Blockout Curtains, also known as Blackout Curtains, will keep your room warm during the winter months and cool during summer. That can help you save on your energy bills! They will also keep out unwanted sun rays, preventing them from fading your carpets and soft furnishings and creating fabric breakdown. Possibly best of all, Blockout Curtains will keep the light out on bright mornings. That makes them a great option for lazy Sunday mornings, children’s rooms, and for shift workers trying to get a good night of sleep in the bright light of day.

We offer a terrific selection of Block Out Curtains, available in a huge assortment of fabrications, colours and curtain styles from the casual to the classic. There is a style perfect for every home and every room, whether you are after white blockout curtains or velvet blackout curtains. With over 100 Black Out Curtain styles to choose from, you are sure to find something perfect for your interior style. We even offer a Custom Curtain for those windows that are tricky to fit.

We have your windows covered. Place an order for your new curtains today!

A Brief Guide to Blockout Curtains

Blockout curtains are a popular choice for many customers due to the many benefits they can provide to a room. Buying blockout curtains online is one of the easiest ways to quickly browse hundreds of different styles of blockout curtain from the comfort of your own home. To make purchasing your blockout curtains online as straightforward as possible below are a number of questions we frequently get asked about blockout curtains such as how they work and the different benefits they can provide.

Correctly Hanging Blockout Curtains

In order for your blockout curtains to perform correctly and block out the maximum amount of light you will need to ensure that they are installed and hung correctly. You should always aim for your blockout curtains to cover the window entirely, this includes the outer edges, top and bottom of the window. Having your blockout curtains cover your window entirely will reduce the risk of sunlight leaking into your room via these areas. For more information on installing blockout curtains contact our support team.

The Benefits of Blockout Curtains

There are two ways in which a blockout curtain fabric is produced and both technologies have their pros and cons. There, you need to decide which features are most important to you, including their:

  • Light Blocking rating
  • Thermal properties
  • Noise Reducing capacities
  • Machine Washability
  • Environmentally friendly status
  • Soft drape look
  • Structured drape look
  • Colour of the reverse

Each of our curtains has a neat little chart that rates the curtain and highlights its key features. We have grouped our blockout curtains into 5 groups to make it easy to understand. Essentially there are two technologies

  • Woven Blockout Curtain Fabric. We call these Thermal Weave
  • Coated Blockout Curtain Fabric. We call these Thermal Layer

3 Qualities of Thermal Weave Blockout Curtain Fabrics

Each of the three qualities has varying degrees to which they perform as a blockout curtain.

Key Features of Thermal Weave Fabrics.

  • Machine or Hand Washable
  • Soft Drape
  • No foam coating applied to the reverse
  • Produced with the environment in mind
  • Thermal
  • Noise Reducing

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