Wave Fold Sheer Curtains Gold Coast

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

Wave fold sheer curtains are window coverings that offer a unique and improved aesthetic to your home or office space. These window coverings are made from fabric-like standard curtains but are easier to operate (open and close) than standard curtains.

However, many people do not know how to choose wave fold sheer curtains.

Types of Wave Fold Curtains

There are primarily two forms of wave fold sheer curtains:

  1. Off-shelf wave fold curtains: these window covering are pre-made wave fold curtains designed using standard window dimensions.
  2. Custom-made wave fold curtains: these are designed using custom dimensions and specifications. Here, you have the freedom to choose the exact design, colour, and texture of fabric you wish to use for your curtains.

Benefits of Custom-made Wave Fold Curtains

There are various benefits to use wave fold curtains. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Flexibility: wave fold curtains offer a degree of flexibility that not all window covering provide. These window coverings can be used in any awkward space, whether it be confined spaces or larger ones, throughout your home or office.
  2. Privacy: these window covering offer optimum privacy and security. For people who enjoy full privacy, these window covering are an excellent solution.
  3. Stylish: when these window coverings are used in a creative fashion, they can greatly improve the appearance of your interior surroundings.
  4. Easy to clean: wave fold curtains are easier to clean and maintain than standard curtains. This ease of maintenance further adds to their appeal and practicality.
  5. Easy to install and operate: wave fold sheer curtains are incredibly easy to install and operate.

Tips for Buying Wave Fold Curtains

These tips are useful for both off-shelf and made-to-order wave fold window covering.

  1. Dimensions: avoid the mistake of buying your wave fold curtains with standard dimensions. Ensure that you have the correct the width and height of the sections you would like covered. The height should be measured from the top of the window to the point that is suitable for you.
  2. Material: wave fold curtains can be made from different types of fabrics. The most popular fabric used is polyester because it’s easy to clean. However, the design of the fabric is dependent on your needs. The designs can include translucent, block out, sunscreen, plain, textured, and more.
  3. Folds: avoid curtains with a large number of folds because movement is difficult and restrictive. It also hinders the aesthetic of the curtains and surrounding areas.
  4. Colour: the colour should synchronise with the colour combination of that particular room. If you are not good with colour, you should seek the help of an interior designer or one of our salespeople to help with you with your decision.


Wave fold curtains are one of the best window covering to use in your home or office space. For further information about our selection of ready-made and made-to-order wave fold sheer curtains and how to choose a style that is right for your needs, get in touch with our friendly staff today.

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