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Coastline Blinds is a proud retailer of the Norman brand of high-quality timber shutters. We have the perfect timber shutter design to satisfy all window and décor styles.


An ever-popular design among a large portion of our customer base, the Woodlore is synonymous with resilience, stability and timeless charm. It has a high resistance to all forms of wear and tear including, cracks, chips, peeling and the yellowish discolouration that many shutters are susceptible to.

With an advanced composition that now boasts an additional 30% more timber in its precision engineered core, our Woodlore shutters now possess a greater level of strength and toughness than solid timber shutters, are not affected by any natural occurring limitations that present in solid timber shutters and have a high degree of protection from common heat-related defects such as timber warping, cupping and sagging, when compared to other popular shutter materials such as vinyl and PVC.

Integrated within each woodlore shutter is the patented, medical-grade safe polypropylene coating that contains a UV inhibitor. With its smooth finish and qualities that improve structural integrity, the coating safeguards each shutter from the bangs and bumps of many modern family lifestyles and helps to protect against fading and a tendency to yellow at the hand’s of Australia’s brutal sunlight.

  • The number one selling shutter in world
  • Manufactured using an environmentally friendly engineered wood composite (EWC) core, and covered with a medical grade thermoplastic polymer known as polypropylene, it ensures a standard of timber shutter that looks fantastic, is long lasting and completely water resistant
  • Environmentally safe and surpasses all rigorous international safety standard requirements (VOC safe and CARB P2 compliant for off-gassing)
  • Tremendous value
  • Features the undetectable easy tilt louvre drive option
  • Available in 9 modern white and earth-inspired colours
  • 5 louvre sizes; 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm

Woodlore Plus

The Woodlore Plus is renowned for its exceptional strength, leading-edge technology and wide range of options. It has everything the standard Woodlore style has, but with a host of other features. Woodlore Plus is a hybrid timber shutter that integrates a light yet durable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) louvres. These louvres are manufactured using premium grade recyclable ABS that is engineered using aircraft influenced construction to guarantee the highest levels of strength and rigidity.

Owing to its durability, ABS is used in devices that must be able to withstand constant pressures, including vehicle helmets, components and household appliances. These qualities, combined with an enhanced Engineered Wood Composite (EWC) stile core, ensure that Woodlore Plus shutters are more sturdy, robust and functional than ever before.

  • Woodlore Plus’s sophisticated design provides wider panels that offer 20% more width than Woodlore. The panels are available up to 920mm, making them wider than most PVC shutters, with the added benefit of being much lighter.
  • Eco-friendly and safe, family and environmental safety has been the guiding factor in the selection of all Woodlore Plus timber shutters. From lawfully sourced timber products to recyclable premium grade polymers and timber composite, everything has been carefully gathered from our forests to our facilities and finally, to your household.
  • Easy to use ‘invisible tilt’ mechanism provided with no included surcharge. Each louvre moves in harmony with each other, like magic, with no discernible tilt rod. The undetectable drive gear mechanism is seamlessly built into each stile and controls louvres effortlessly with total precision.
  • Extensive range of colours to choose from, with more than 23 standard colours or optional custom colours and a special waterproof option. All Woodlore Plus (G2) louvres are 15% thicker than standard Woodlore louvres and have precision engineered timber louvre inserts.
  • With the Laminated Veneered Lumber (LVL) core, all the unavoidable flaws of timber have been eliminated, resulting in superior structural integrity when compared to competing timber shutters.
  • ABS louvres deliver long lasting stability, sturdiness and performance. These louvres are reliably built to remain fully operable for many years in all household environments. Available in 5 louvre sizes; 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm.
  • ABS is completely safe, with no evidence of carcinogens and there is similarly no evidence of adverse health effects as a result of ABS exposure. The isn’t the case for other common shutter materials such as PVC, with the EU placing a ban on all products that contain phthalates. When PVC is heated, it produces hazardous carcinogenic vapours that can damage vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and the reproductive system.
  • Reinforced Engineered Wood Stiles – all stiles, rails and mounting frames are manufactured from sustainable timber, grown and treated right here in Australia. Several layers of hardwood coatings are bonded together to improve the strength of the stile core, which ensures a timber shutter solution that will last many years.

Woodlore Plus Waterproof

  • Composed of lightweight and highly durable ABS
  • 100% waterproof panels and frames that are ideal for all humid environments around the home that are exposed to steam and water, including bathrooms and kitchens
  • Stainless steel hardware which is immune to the effects of rusting and corrosion
  • Has the same aesthetic qualities as Woodlore Plus
  • Features the invisible easy tilt drive option
  • Ideal for active family households where product quality is put to the ultimate test
  • Available in a selection of 23 modern and attractive colours
  • Comes in 5 louvre sizes; 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm

Purpose built for the wet and humid areas around the house, the Woodlore Plus Waterproof is incredibly lightweight, providing the perfect combination of exquisite looks and high levels of strength and sturdiness. As it completely waterproof, the shutter is protected in the event of rain or constant exposure to humid air.


Our Brightwood range consists of 100% pure hardwood panels comprised of premium grade timbers that are collected from sustainable sources. All mounting frames are manufactured from Woodlore Plus’s strong and sturdy EWC material, which are then finished with a premium polymer coating. The panels and frames are carefully colour matched with similarly high-grade finishes that are featured on all of our first-class timber shutters. The Brightwood shutter is a smooth and seamless solution that combines remarkable aesthetics, broad panels (sizes up to 1066mm in width) and unsurpassed durability, all at an extremely attractive price point.

The inclusion of specially designed hardwood results in lighter shutter panels. This enables the capacity to hinge three of four panels together, along with the potential to create unique shapes. The Brightwood range of timber shutters integrates elegance and performance to deliver a product that represents real value for money.

  • Represents a tremendously affordable solution through the use of high-grade hardwood panels and EWC frames
  • Large panel designs (max 1066mm) and greater layout options are attainable
  • Selection of 27 colours with the addition of a custom colour option
  • Features undetectable Easy Tilt drive option
  • 5 louvre sizes; 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm
  • Can function as a door
  • Available in unique shapes upon request


Demonstrating an undeniably unique aesthetic, the Normandy brand of shutters showcase the raw natural beauty of the timber. Our Normandy shutters consist of solid timber that has been gathered from sustainably controlled hardwood forestry and plantations. Normandy shutters are themselves composed of Phoenixwood, which displays a vibrant natural grain which is rich with detail and splendour.

Phoenixwood possesses one of the highest strength to weight ratios out of all shutter materials. Normandy hardwood timber shutters have been specially formulated to guarantee long lasting stability. There are few things that can enhance the character and charm of a home, than the rustic appeal of our Normandy line of premium hardwood timber shutters.

  • 100% premium grade hardwood timber shutter that exhibits a beautiful timber grain and possesses high durability
  • Timber gathered from sustainably operated hardwood forests and plantations
  • Offered in a selection of 51 magnificent paint and stain colours with the addition of a custom colour option
  • Sanded and finished by hand to create the ultimate timber blind
  • Large panel designs (max 1095mm) to ensure more spectacular views and a greater array of installation configurations
  • Emphasises the raw natural beauty of Phoenixwood, has an impressive strength to weight ratio, along with excellent insulation qualities
  • Features the undetectable Easy Tilt drive option
  • 5 louvre sizes; 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm
  • Vast range of unique shapes and options


With its superior craftsmanship, style options and strength qualities, the Norman Ultra encompasses more than two decades of evolutionary shutter design and engineering. Drawing upon our ideas, expertise and experience and combining them with our finest materials, it quickly becomes apparent why the Ultra range is the crown jewel in our timber shutter line-up.

Manufactured from pure hardwood of the highest quality and sourced from a diverse range of tree species, we utilise the best components of each tree type. Composed of 30% greater timber, the Ultra brand of timber shutter is tougher, stronger, more resilient, making it the perfect window covering for all settings. With an additional 30% more paint, the Ultra is meticulously sanded and finished by our trained artisans, lending the shutters an appearance and build quality that rivals priceless antique furniture.


  • Our finest timber shutter offering
  • Made from 100% hardwood of the highest quality that has been sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations
  • Composed of 30% extra timber than the Normandy range to deliver the strongest and widest single panel designs (up to 14% more width than Normandy panels)
  • Possesses 30% more paint than Normandy with two extra sanding and finishing passes by our trained artisan, guaranteeing an incomparable finish
  • Features the undetectable Easy Tilt louvre operation
  • 5 louvre sizes; 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm
  • Over 50 incredible paint and stain colours

Ultra Hinge

  • The industry’s strongest and most reliable shutter hinge
  • Built to last for an endless amount of years
  • Hidden design ensures a distinctly modern look
  • Premium grade satin finish
  • Fully adjustable


The lifespan of wood shutters varies depending on a number of factors, such as the quality of the wood, the type of climate the shutters are exposed to, and how well they are maintained.

Generally, high-quality timber shutters that are properly maintained will last for many years. High-quality wood shutters that are composed of hardwoods such as oak or mahogany can last for several decades, while shutters made from softer timbers such as pine or cedar may last around 10-20 years with proper care.

Exposure to moisture, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures (hot and cold) can cause timber shutters to warp, crack, and fade over time. Routine cleaning and maintenance can help prolong the life of timber shutters. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the shutters are installed according to manufacturer’s instructions and any necessary repairs are made promptly to avoid further damage.

Wooden shutters are effective at blocking out light, but it should be noted that the degree to which they can darken a room will depend on the size of the shutters, type of wood they are composed of, and the level of light that entering the room.

If the timber shutters are correctly installed and fitted to the window, they are able to provide a tight seal that minimises the amount of light that can enter the room. However, If the timber shutters are not small for the window and there are gaps around the edges, some light may still filter through.

The type of timber the shutters are made from can also impact their ability to block out light. For example, if the wood is extremely light or porous, it may allow additional light to enter the room than a darker, denser timber would.

While wooden shutters can certainly help to darken a room, they may not be as effective at doing so as other types of window dressings, such as blackout curtains or shades, which have been purposely designed to block out light.

The decision of whether timber shutters should be lighter or darker than the house depends on your personal taste, the style of your home, and the desired effect you wish to create.

If you wish to establish contrast and make your timber shutters stand out, you can elect to go with a darker colour that contrasts well with the colour of the rest of your house. If your house is light-coloured, you may wish to choose dark shutters to create a bold and dramatic aesthetic. On the other hand, if your home contains a darker palette, you may choose lighter shutters to create a softer and more subtle contrast.

If you desire a more cohesive and harmonious look to your room, choose timber shutters that are the same colour as the house or a similar hue. Doing this will ensure a more unified and make the shutters blend in with the overall look of the house.

Both PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shutters and timber shutters have their own unique pros and cons. The decision to go with PVC or timber depends on various factors such as personal preference, budget, location (of the house), and usage.

PVC shutters are comprised of a synthetic material that is highly resistant to the effects of moisture and humidity, making them a great solution for areas of the home that contain high levels of moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. PVC shutters are also relatively easy to clean and maintain, and are resistant to cracking, warping, and fading. As well as this, PVC shutters tend to be more affordable than timber shutters, making them more feasible for those on a budget.

Timber shutters add a more natural and traditional aesthetic to the home. They are available in a variety of different wood types, stains, and finishes that are able to seamlessly fit with many different interior styles. Timber shutters also possess impressive insulating qualities, which helps to reduce energy costs. However, timber shutters are also maintenance heavy, requiring ongoing sanding, sealing, and painting to prevent rotting and decay. Once again, how much of this maintenance is required, will depend on the environment to which your shutters are exposed.

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