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Look around today, and you will be greeted by the many excellent and outstanding structures available today. Thanks to modern technology, such structures have been made possible, and they offer maximum comfort for the occupants. However, it is noteworthy that many features combine to make these structures possible and convenient for homeowners. One feature that contributes to the design and functionality of a home is the window, so it requires special attention during and after construction.

After construction, you have to consider window coverings and select the one that is most fitting for your style and comfort. As far as window coverings go, blinds are both functional and sublime, ranking them among the best options for modern buildings. Also, there are different blind types to choose from to improve your window covering taste, but we will focus on panel blinds.

What are Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are a modern type of vertical blinds with variations that allows them to slide across a multichannel track. It is indeed an upgrade to the traditional vertical blind, with large panels and simplistic functions inspired by the trending Asian-style Interior. They are made of fabric, allowing you the option of getting creative with the color and fabric you want for your window covering. You can rest assured of a sleek and modern design for your rooms with panel blinds.

This blind offers you a series of ultramodern differentials that will give your room a simple but ecstatic look while keeping up with all the functions of window coverings. One of its most outstanding features is the easy-glide operation system that allows you to access your windows effortlessly. Panel blinds or glides, as they are called in such cases, can also be used as a functional room divider or for covering larger spaces like doors or workspaces.

Panel Blinds are Easy to Use

Like most blinds, panel blinds are easy to use. But unlike most blinds, it features a simple mechanism that improves its versatility and allows you to open it from right, left, or through the middle. However, you can only enjoy these benefits with quality panel blinds which are always readily available at Coastline Blinds. Here, at Coastline Blinds, you can find different dimensions and designs of quality panel blinds to improve your home’s Interior.


Panel blinds open and close using a wand or cord that moves the panels along a track.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to open and close panel blinds:

  1. Locate the wand or cord on your panel blinds. This is found on either end of the track.
  2. To close the panel blinds, hold onto the wand or cord and pull it towards you. This will move the panels along the track, covering your window.
  3. To open the panel blinds, hold onto the wand or cord and push it away from you. This will move the panels along the track and expose your window.
  4. Panel blinds also enable you to adjust the position of the individual panels, by using the wand or cord to slide them along the track. This enables you to adjust the amount of light that is let in.
  5. Some panel blinds have a tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of the panels. This is usually done by twisting a wand or pulling a cord to tilt the panels.

Installing sliding panel blinds requires some basic tools and knowledge of basic DIY skills. Here’s a general guide on how to install sliding panel blinds:

  1. Measure the area: Measure the length and width of the area in which you wish to install the sliding panel blinds. This will help you to calculate the size of blinds that you need to buy.
  2. Purchase the blinds: Buy the sliding panel blinds that are suitable for your windows or doors.
  3. Assemble the parts: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to put the blinds together. This typically involves attaching the brackets to the wall or ceiling, depending on how you wish to mount your blinds.
  4. Attach the brackets: Use a drill or screwdriver to mount the brackets to the wall or ceiling. Ensure that they are level and secure before proceeding.
  5. Attach the valance: Most sliding panel blinds come with a valance, which is a decorative cover for the top of the blinds. Attach the valance to the brackets using the provided parts.
  6. Install the panels: Install the sliding panels onto the track, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Normally, you are required to attach the rollers to the top of the panels, before sliding them into the track.
  7. Test the blinds: Once you have installed the sliding panel blinds, test them to make sure everything is working correctly. Be sure to slide the panels back and forth to make sure they move smoothly and don’t get stuck.

Note: If you are not comfortable with DIY projects, or if you have a particularly complicated set of sliding panel blinds, enlist the services of a trained professional such as Coastline Blinds, to install them for you.

Yes, panel blinds can be motorised impressively to fit and perform excellently in luxury homes. At Coastline Blinds, you can find a range of rechargeable, hardwired, solar, and wireless motorised panel blinds that can be easily controlled using a switch or remote control.
Panel blinds are a window covering, so they can cover all windows. However, it is most suited for more oversized windows and doors. It can also come in handy as a fancy room divider for residential and commercial buildings.

The first maintenance rule is regular cleaning; luckily, blinds are generally easier to clean. Panel blinds can especially look bland and unattractive when they are dirty. Therefore, it is only fitting that you make out time to clean your favorite window coverings regularly using a soft brush or damp microfiber cloth and bleach-free detergent.

This article has discussed everything you should know about panel blinds and how to use them.

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