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Installing outdoor shutters might seem appealing, but it is also often risky. This is why specific factors should be considered before choosing outdoor shutters. These factors can range from security to functionality, durability, appeal, and more.

You should know that the level of security demanded by outdoor shutters differs from what is demanded by indoor shutters; thus, it is essential to consider how well your choice of outdoor shutters keeps your space secured. There is also the issue of functionality when choosing outdoor shutters. This factor consists of the shutter’s design, privacy, and manoeuvrability. You want a fully-functional outdoor shutter for your space to improve the quality of living in that space.

As mentioned, many factors should be considered when choosing outdoor shutters for your space. However, if you are puzzled about choosing suitable outdoor shutters for your space, you should consider Gold Coast outdoor aluminium plantation shutters. These outdoor shutters are unique in every sense, and this article will describe how.

Your first reason to choose outdoor aluminium plantation Shutters is that they exist in classic designs. With these outdoor shutters, homeowners can choose from various classic designs that give their space or home an improved appeal. Furthermore, in terms of appeal, these shutters are a step above the rest. They offer you maximum control over lighting in the home and optimal privacy while ensuring excellent appeal.

Outdoor Aluminium Plantation Shutters Offer Maximum Security

Another reason to go for this option is how well these shutters provide security. As stated earlier, outdoor fittings or facilities in the home or space need to offer a certain degree of security compared to indoor fittings or facilities. They should offer security from intruders and other elements. Yes, natural elements should be considered because these shutters are consistently exposed to harsh conditions. Hence, with outdoor aluminium plantation shutters, you are assured a high degree of security.

Are Outdoor Aluminium Plantation Shutters Expensive to Acquire and Install?

These shutters are mostly associated with luxury homes; thus, they might give the impression of being expensive, but that is far from the truth because they can fit into any budget.  Asides from existing in various designs, these shutters are often easy to install, especially when installed by a professional installation technician.

Are These Shutters Installed Permanently in Place?

This concern arises especially when the homeowner expects to make some additions or changes to their home. Gold Coast aluminium plantation shutters offer flexible installations because it depends on how the homeowners want them installed. These shutters can be permanently installed, installed to fold or stack against a wall using a hinge, or installed to slide along a track. It all depends on the homeowner’s choice.

How to Care for Outdoor Aluminium Plantation Shutters

The beauty of these shutters is that cleaning and maintenance are done with ease; although the cleaning method often depends on the location and the amount of dust the shutters are exposed to.

Whatever the case, though, professionals advise that homeowners develop the habit of thoroughly cleaning aluminium shutters once every three to six months. The only condition where you should clean your aluminium shutters more frequently is when the home is located in a coastal region because the shutters are exposed to more dust and elements.


This depends on a number of factors, such as your specific needs and style preferences. Here are some pros and cons of aluminium and PVC to help you make a decision.

Aluminium shutters


Durable: Aluminium is strong but also lightweight.

Low maintenance: Aluminium shutters don’t rust or rot, and they’re easy to clean.

Versatile: Aluminium shutters come in a variety of different colours and styles, making it easy to find shutters that complement the style of your home.


Expensive: Compared to PVC shutters, aluminium shutters are more expensive.

Poor insulation: Aluminium does not insulate well, so the shutters may not be the best choice for your home, if energy efficiency is a concern.

PVC shutters


Affordable: PVC shutters are generally cheaper to buy than aluminium shutters.

Energy-efficient: PVC is a good insulator, so these shutters can help keep your home warm during the colder months and cool during the warmer periods of the year.

Low maintenance: PVC shutters are easy to clean and are resistant to weather damage, such as fading and warping.


Lacklustre durability: PVC shutters lack the strength of aluminium, and can become brittle over time, especially when exposed to cold temperatures.

Limited style options: PVC shutters are typically available in a smaller range of colours and styles, compared to aluminium shutters.

Yes, aluminium shutters are able to reduce noise, to some extent. How much the noise is able to be reduced, depends on the type of shutter, the thickness of the material, and the way the shutters are installed. Aluminium shutters with thicker blades (slats) and a tight fit between the shutter and the window frame, can provide superior noise reduction to thinner, loosely fitting shutters.

Aluminium shutters can further reduce noise, by adding soundproofing materials like weather stripping or foam around the edges of the shutters. It’s important to note that while aluminium shutters can provide some degree of noise reduction, they cannot block out all noise, particularly if the source of the noise is excessively loud.

Yes, aluminium shutters can get hot in direct sunlight, especially if they are a darker colour. This is because aluminium is a good conductor of heat, and absorbs and retains heat with ease. Heat absorbed by aluminium shutters is transferred to the interior of your home, making conditions less comfortable. To help rectify this, some aluminium shutters are designed with heat-reflective coatings or are instead painted with light-coloured, heat-reflective paint. This helps to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the shutters.

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