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When beautifying a home’s interior, most of the measures employed aim to give it a luxurious appeal, while others give the home a simple and unique appeal. The home’s interior appearance depends on the homeowner’s choices. Some of the measures employed in beautifying a home’s interior involve flowers, window and door coverings like veri shades, etc.

Window and door coverings are constant methods used to beautify a home’s interior as they can satisfy any desired appeal in a home. However, there are different forms of window coverings ranging from blinds to curtains and more. Different individuals prefer different coverings for their unique benefits.

However, it is possible to have a covering that shares both a blinds and a curtains’ qualities. These coverings are known as verishades. This following seeks to highlight everything you need to know about veri shades, from their limitations to their benefits.

What Are Veri Shades?

Veri shades are a new type of covering that incorporates the modern and free-flowing feature of traditional curtains and combines them with the flexibility of traditional blinds. They exist in different colors and are made from a fabric which features a set of folds to retain the appearance of blinds. These are one of the go-to window coverings for people torn between the choice of traditional curtains and blinds as a window covering.

Reasons to Consider Veri Shades as Next Window Covering

The reasons to choose Veri Shades as your home’s window coverings are outlined through the benefits of installing Veri Shades. These benefits are:

  1. Flexibility: The limitation associated with blinds and traditional curtains is that there are specific areas they cannot be used in. An example of this is sliding doors. However, Veri slides are suitable for any area in the house as they can offer opaque or translucent covering.
  2. Child and pet-friendly: VeriShades feature a wand or are motorized; thus, they do not have chains or ropes that can pose any threat to the livelihood of young children or pets at home. Young children have known to become entangled in the ropes or chains of traditional curtains or blinds, making them less ideal for homes with kids or pets.
  3. Functionality: The wand gives you control to switch between an opaque and translucent effect if you wish to reduce the lighting in a room or increase it. Also, you do not need to slide the slides one way for a clear pathway because you can easily walk through the slides.
  4. Easy to maintain: Veri Shades feature an Ultraviolet resistant fabric that rarely fades and is resistant to soiling, making it very easy to clean. Cleaning is further made easy because each fold can be detached and cleaned.


There is only one drawback associated with Veri shades. And that is privacy. They are not the ideal slides to install in areas where you want to ensure maximum privacy. The fabric is designed to filter lighting that enters a building, giving you control over the amount of light that enters the building.

Key Features

Specific features distinguish Veri slides from other coverings. These features are:

  1. Set of fabric blades: These blades are free-flowing and made from soft fabrics, effectively filtering light that enters the home.
  2. Track: This casement houses the set of fabric blades clipped together.
  3. Wand: This is used to control the motion of the blades for filtering the amount of light entering the home. In some Veri slides, it is replaced with a motor.

VeriShades are sometimes referred to as clever shades because of their unique features as they are the perfect blend of traditional curtains and blinds. They offer the stylish appeal of traditional curtains, along with the functionality of vertical blinds.

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