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PVC Shutters

Installing PVC shutters in your home or office, will do wonders for your interior aesthetic. Apart from their stylistic value, window shutters provide exceptional light and air filtering capabilities. This allows you to effortlessly regulate the temperature of your room and makes them ideal choice for home window coverings. Custom Shutters are available in a wide range of materials, with one of the most popular materials being PVC.

These shutters are window shutters made from polyvinyl chloride. This material has a neutral reaction to heat and possesses high strength properties, making it incredibly durable. Many people make the mistake of opting for cheaper PVC shutters just for the sake of saving themselves a few dollars, without considering the negative aspects of the cheaper option.

Please read on to learn why price should not be the only determining factor, when it comes to buying these custom shutters and understand some of the drawbacks of choosing no frills PVC shutter.

Benefits Of Buying Quality PVC Shutters

  1. Cost-effective: quality of these shutters are actually more cost-effective than their cheaper counterparts. While they may cost more than some other window shutters, they are far more durable which allows them to last considerably longer. This results in better value for money in the long term.
  2. Durability: quality of these shutters are durable because they have high resistance to factors that are capable of damaging the integrity of shutters that are made from inferior materials. with low-quality shutters, durability is suspect.
  3. UV protection: one of the primary reasons shutters are installed is to filter the light that enters through. The sun’s powerful UV rays are detrimental to human health, and quality of these shutter are equipped with coatings that effectively filter the rays that enter your home or office space.
  4. Beauty: While poor quality shutters can be beautiful too, their vulnerability to natural wear and tear, typically causes their appearance to deteriorate over time. However, this is not the case with high-quality PVC shutters, as they retain their original beauty for extended periods.

Tips to Choosing PVC Shutters

The next question is “how to identify quality of these shutters?” The following is a list of tips to help guide you on how to choose quality of these shutters.

  1. Toxic-free certification: when low-quality of these shutters are hit by the sun, they emit harmful chemicals. The manufacturers of premium quality shutters ensure their products are rigorously tested and meet specific criteria.
  1. Product-warranty: quality PVC shutter have warranties that cover any damage or hiccups that may surface in the future, but low-quality PVC shutters do not provide such cover.
  2. Look and feel: the idea that you need an expert to investigate these shutters before you purchase is advisable, but not compulsory. Self-investigation is possible, when you know what to quality signals to look out for. High-quality PVC shutters have frames that are chiefly made from aluminium. These aluminium frames are not hollow, and provide the shutters have a smooth finish.
  3. Strength: poor quality PVC shutters tend to twist due to heat from the sun because they do not possess the fire-resistance trait that high-quality PVC shutters do. For this reason, it is always important to enquire about the shutter’s heat absorption properties before purchasing.
  4. Joints: high-quality of these shutters are made using mortise and tenon joining to give the shutters greater strength, but this is not the case with low-quality shutters.


As outlined on this page, there are many other important factors to consider when purchasing PVC shutters, aside from price alone. Cheap PVC shutters are invariably made from poor quality components that will not stand the test of time. Speak to one of our specialists today about making the right choice of PVC shutter for your home or office environment.

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